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After a hiatus of two- long years, the 30 globetrotters of VDJS from Classes IX-XII went on a nine-day IAYP adventure trip to Beas Camp from May 12- May 20, 2022 with the Trip Coordinator, Ms Bhagwanti Gupta and four teacher escorts, Ms Meera Chettri, Mr Salil Gupta and Mr Dhirgpal Sajwan.

The roller-coaster ride initiated with acclimatisation at the base camp of Solang Valley and then the next seven days were packed with a journey inside as well as outside. Jindalites experienced life in all its magnanimity-the soulful visits to Anjani Temple and the Shivlinga, and Hidimba Temple, the tryst with one’ s courage while soaking in  Rappelling, River crossing and Ziplining, Giant Swing, Rocket Bungee Jump, Treasure Hunt, Paragliding, and River Rafting,   the celebration of the beauty of the wildness with dancing and singing at bonfires, the nourishment of the body and soul with hot teas and fritters,  sizzling maggies and sumptuous meals and the timeless nature walks and short treks. When the altitudes tested the attitudes of the girls, the backpackers from VDJS befriended the steep heights and rugged terrain. The toilsome three-hour trek to Palchani Thach, nestled at the height of 10,200 m, and the final 16 km round way trek to Beas Kund Glacier were replete with steep slopes interrupted by rills, narrow ridges to be walked on and huge boulders to be climbed over and avalanche-prone areas to pass by. However, all the effort, all the bold heaves were rewarding, as the sight of beautiful Hathi Ghoda Peak and Seven Sister’s Dhola Dhar Range quenched the thirst of the human soul with their paradisical beauty. And when the VDJS alpinists reached the Beas Glacier, the moment was surreal, it was a moment of gratitude to the Creator of what was before them, and also a moment of fathomless grit that the Jindalites experienced inside. Overwhelmed with pride and a sense of achievement, the team unfurled the flags of VDJS and IAYP. The girls frolicked around in the snow lap. Once back in Manali, students went window shopping at the Mall Road and the local delights. Cut off from the complicated shuttles of life, the trip floored the Jindalites,  for it offered the experience of beauty and adventure, valour and virtues of teamwork, patience, perseverance, and physical endurance.

From the climbers’ view:

The trip taught real-life learning of how to adjust oneself in severe conditions where we have limited water, food and living facilities.


The IAYP Camp was an unforgettable experience. I personally had a great time bonding with teachers and other team members. And, of course, I’m waiting to go on another trip like this one!!!


The trip was ethereal and full of adventure, fun, laughter, and new experiences. We camped in places where torches became lifesavers and sleeping bags became the coziest places.

        NISHTHA JAIN-  XII                                                                                      

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