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On the Special Day of International Yoga Day 21 June 2020, the following
students of our school -Nishtha Jain, Manasavi, Gracy Jindal, Hrishita
Agarwal, Anushka Singh, Harshita Ramraika, Praveena.S, Laxmi Kumari
and Jahnvi became a part of Parampara Utsav. It was organized by NPSC in
partnership with the Spic Macay at 7:30 a.m. live through Spic Macay's YouTube channel where the children were addressed by The Honourable Vice
President of India and children of the different school shared their views about
The Government of India had a contest – My life My yoga vlogging contest by the Ministry of Ayush in which Nishtha Jain, Manasavi, Harshita
Ramraika, Praveena .S, Hargun Kaur, Jahnvi and Gracy Jindal took part, where
they posted their videos and photos with benefits of Yoga on social media.
Another event was organised by BPS School, Pilani named Bliss Yoga wherein Nishtha Jain, Nikita and Damini Bishnoi participated. For the event, the
students had to send their pictures which are uploaded on their school
website and in the evening at 6:30 the students had a live session through
Microsoft Teams. There were a sum of 37 schools participating in the event
throughout the globe including our school and schools from Brazil, Dubai etc. In the session, firstly The Principal of BPS School, Pilani welcomed all. Then, all the schools were being introduced by one representative student from each school. Followed by, the children were given a brief about Yoga and at last, the children did Warm-up exercises and did some Asanas and Pranayamas. The initiative in all was very helpful for the students.

I had also participated in all these events, and I had also attended a workshop
on Yoga for your Wellbeing and Transformation on Sunday, June 28th
2020, 11:30 am. in this workshop he told about 07 practices which we all have
follow in our daily work schedule.NCC ran the Fit India Campaign and me also
participated in it.

 Three NCC cadets of VDJS Shivanshi, Simran and Ume Kusum along with Ms Shrabani, Mr Chander Mohan and ANO Lt Mrs Suman Arora participated in YOGA AT the HOME event. Children performed SURYANAMASKAR, TADASAN, VRIKSHASAN, MANDUKASAN, UTTANPADASAN, HALASAN, DHANURASAN, PADAHASTASAN and practised PRANAYAM and ended the session with  universal peace prayer ” SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINA……”

After that, all these cadets motivated their family members also to participate in Yoga Day and performed with their family members also.

School’s caretaker and Yoga instructor Ms Vijayluxmi also participated along with her family members. Cadet Sanvi Dhankhar, Versha Jain, Banreet, Nishtha Gupta, Praveena, Yukta, Jhanavi and Malvika Soni also performed along with their family members.

School Principal Ms Shalini Mehrotra and CO of 3 HAR GIRLS BN NCC, HISAR congratulated all the cadets.

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