Memory Junction – Edition 2

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On Monday, 11th January the school hosted the second edition of Memory Junction, The Alumnae Talk Show. The speakers were Ms Ritu Gurung (Ex Sarojini-1998) and Ms Jyoti Midha Arora (Ex Laxmibai-1995). Ms Ritu Gurung is the Program Manager- Wildlife Conservation Nepal and Ms Jyoti Midha is a coordinator at a play school and a strong voice on social, political and economic issues. The evening comprised a question answer round wherein the girls asked questions about life at VDJS in their times, their chosen career path and its challenges and joys. The rapid fire round had the speakers face a volley of fun questions and they warmed all hearts with their candid and witty responses. Principal Ms Mehrotra shared her vision of strengthening ties with the alumnae and urged the two guests of the evening to assist the school in this endeavour. The evening winded up with a promise by both Ritu and Jyoti to visit the school very soon.

A few reflections from students

I really enjoyed attending the Edition 2 of Memory Junction

I am very grateful to the school for providing this opportunity which allows us to connect with our alumnae. It gave me a peek into what life at VDJS was in the 1990s. Listening to the memories of the two speakers helped us learn how seemingly ordinary experiences at school have long term implications in our personal and professional journey. I also asked Ms Ritu a question as to how she chose the unconventional career path of going into Wildlife conservation. It was fascinating to hear how her love for nature took root at VDJS and from originally wanting to be a Dentist and Aeronautical Engineer she went on to Wildlife Conservation.

– Vandana Goyal, XI

It was an amazing experience to connect with the alumnae through Memory Junction Edition 2. As they recounted their anecdotes of school days I could feel a strong sense of connection and realised how less things had changed despite the passage of 20+ years from their time to ours. I was truly inspired by the amazing work Ms Ritu is doing in the field of Wildlife Conservation. Hearing Ms Jyoti Midha who has been in school right from its inception was very heartwarming. It was amazing to hear how the students and teachers at that time immersed themselves in all activities which at times also included preparing the track fields for sporting activity.

Sanjeevani Agarwal,  XI

Food is something which is always on the top of all Boarding School students’ minds so I really wanted to know what was the popular item on the menu at that time and if Ms Ritu had any significant food memory. I think my question really delighted her and she shared how though initially they all cribbed about food but gradually she developed a strong liking for the Rajasthani Khichdi which none of her other friends liked. Since she hailed from Nepal she would bribe the Nepali mess attendants with a smile who were indulgent enough to give her the extra helping she craved for. What was most entertaining was her story about the Rasgulla eating competition she had with her friend . Much after the session ended I kept smiling at all that I had heard from her and just realised how many similar antics we do even now

Archita Bishnoi, XI

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