Memory Junction- Edition 5

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The fifth edition of Memory Junction- the VDJS Alumnae Talk- was held on 30th April. It was attended by Classes XI &XII, staff, alumnae and former DOA Mrs Sunita Dixit. The guest speaker was Dr Thoibi Rublaitus nee Dr Usha Rajkumari ( Ex Laxmibai, School Head Girl 1990) Dr Thoibi who has a Doctorate in Education from California State University, Fullerton is a public School Principal in California.

It was a warm and candid interaction wherein Dr Thoibi shared the memories of the amazing years spent at VDJS. She spoke about how, many of her passions like traveling, hiking, physical fitness are owed to the foundation that was laid at school. Through personal anecdotes, she brought out the importance of many things that she internalised as she went through her school years viz feeling of sisterhood, the value of lifelong friendships, the need to look beyond books, and aim at becoming an allrounder. She advised girls to acquire self-discipline, self-reliance, fortitude and perseverance if they wish to achieve their true potential. Giving a peek into her success mantra she reiterated the importance of having non-negotiable schedules and a balance in everything that one takes up to meet the SMART goals that we must set for ourselves if we wish to see our dreams come true.

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