Round Square International Conference

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Jindalites participated in the virtual Round Square International Conference hosted by The Millennium School, Dubai on 4th and 5th December. The theme of the conference was, ‘Global Boiling: The Time to Act is Now!’ based on the two RS ideals of Service and Environmentalism. Students from about 22 schools across 8 countries took part in the prestigious conference. The keynote speaker, Dr. Ramit Debnath, an Assistant Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK,  briefed the attendees about the urgency to act now on climate change and the amplified impact of human actions on climate. Detailed and circumstantial discussions on the catastrophic effect of Global Boiling were conducted by the students in various Barazza Groups. The session came to a close on a positive note wherein, the delegates took a pledge to incorporate environmentally conscious practices into their educational institutions and communities.

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