Savitri House Nite 2024-25

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Savitri House Nite set the house on fire right at the beginning with an electrifying performance of the juniors grooving on a cheerful composition on 5th May 2024. The English drama took a toll of laughter on the audience as the gathering on the stage heartily narrated the story of Akbar’s folly even though he had the wisest of the ministers in his court. The zealous Savitrians chose to perform on the tunes of the Belgium folk, coaxing the audience into tapping their feet and making the moves. The House Report unfolded the sincere efforts made and the coveted achievements earned by the Savitri House. The pastoral staff proudly distributed the awards among the determined blue-spirited youngsters. Memories were revisited as the Savitrians spoke about their life at the school and the testimonies vouched for VDJS as a ‘home away from home’. A few young singers after days of late-night practices poured their hearts into the devotional singing of ‘Mast Qalandar’. The evening wrapped up with poignant Nukkad Natak, unveiling the social evil of ‘show off’  and the runway was all theirs- the flag bearers of what is in vogue, was it a murder or a happy ending nobody could guess it. Themed ‘Renaissance x Darkness’, the creative hue put in the outfits from the deadliest flowers to the live moon, it was an all-in-one show. The House Nite was a tableau of the perseverance and commitment of Savitri House.

Best in AcademicsManya Lohia, Nancy Poonia and Tanvi Lohia
Best in ActivitiesDiksha Lohia and Trisha Gupta
Best in SportsJivisha Agrawal and Srinidhi Bala Ghanti
House Mistress DelightVartika, Sachi Sahewala and Arya Tulsyan