Science Week observed in school

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The Science Week was observed in school from August 14 to August  20 , 2021  with a view to stoke the scientific temper in children. The theme for this year was “The Power of Imagination.” Different activities were thoughtfully planned for each class to cover various aspects of Science. The week started with an assembly wherein the major activities in which our students have excelled at district, State and national level were shared.

 Each day of the week started with a dose of Science through amazing scientific videos and riddles during the mindfulness session. Children of Classes IV & V made different flying objects and got a deeper understanding of the principles involved in flight. Class VI learned to cook a few dishes and explored their nutritive value. Class VII made the time line of various scientists showing their contribution in Science. Classes IX & Xdesigned posters on “Power of imagination” and showcased impressive creativity and innovative ideas. A webinar was organised for the students of Classes IX-XII under the aegis of ATL. The students got exposed to an E-learning platform (Tinker learning) for more hands on learning experience. They learnt to design a 3D model on Tinker Cads. Classes VIII-XII put up a Science exhibition on the theme “AVIATORS” based on flying mechanism in living beings and non-living things.

All the students enjoyed the activities thoroughly and the exhibition was much appreciated by all.  

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