Self Defence Session

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In continuation with its efforts to make its learners well-equipped and armoured to face the unforeseen challenges in life that may put their safety at stake, VDJS organised a ‘Self Protection’ Session from 26th September-1st October. The workshops were calibrated and steered by Ms Nikki and Ms Lakshita  to coach the girls in the effective and power-packed concepts of Control- self-control and external control, Conflict Meditation Skills and techniques like One hand grab, Cross hand grab, and shoulder lock in real -life circumstances to promote the strength of body and mind to build confident individuals.

 From the Students’ Desk-

Safety does not only include precautions and known facts but also the ability to fight under absolute circumstances. The martial classes that were organised for students helped them be prepared mentally and physically too. The session concentrated on firstly how to avoid being into trouble by being aware of your surroundings and confident enough and also how to seek public- attention if something is fishy and finally being able to fight if necessary. 

-Noor Gahlaut, XI

Wow! What an amazing session it was. We got to learn how to control our emotions and our reactions towards people. We also got to know why our parents and teachers disallow us doing certain things, like hanging out with our friends late at night. But we never understood why they do this, it is for our safety. Along with the theory part, we were also taught some techniques to defend ourselves in case of adverse situations.

-Rishika Mittal, IX

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