Self-Defence Training

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The school organised a “Self-Defence Programme” in the community hall for the students of Classes IV-XII from 25th April to 30th April 2022 with the I/C Mr Sandeep Kumar Kshatriya to train the girls in the lifesaving techniques of Martial Arts and promote a sense of security among them in times where there is a surge in the number of cases of chain snatching, acid attacks, catcalling and rape. The key trainers, Ms Dipti Shankar, Founder and Lead Trainer ‘Safe Campus’, Instructor- Avi Nardia Kapap Combatives (USA), KAPAP ( Israel), Krav Maga (Israel), RBSD ( Germany), Muay Thai (Thailand) & Diploma in Cyber Law and Ms Ekta Doobey, Trainer ‘Safe Campus’, Self-Defence instructor with six years of experience pan India and Nepal and trained in various forms of martial arts like Karate, Krav-Maga, kapap and Muay- Thai inspired and coached the young Jindalites in various self-defence techniques with reference to difficult situations they could possibly encounter. It was followed by rigorous practice by the students to achieve dexterity in defence techniques to face real-life circumstances. The training empowered the girls and developed their self-confidence to face difficult situations with safety and precaution.

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