Session On Cyber Security: Keeping Yourself Safe Online

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VDJS organised a session on ‘On Cyber Security: Keeping Yourself Safe Online’ on 27th August to educate the girls about how to maintain cyber hygiene and get online grooming. The guest speaker was Mr Rakshit Tandon, Founder – Hackshala, Consultant- Internet and Mobile Association of India,   Head-Capacity Building, Cyber Peace Foundation, Consultant- CID , Haryana Police and also a member of the VDJS Management Committee. Mr Tandon apprised the children about the practice of trafficking children via unsafe digital footprints of the students. He shared with the attendees numerous cases of cybercrime to draw the attention of children to the various unsafe apps and games they might be availing on the internet and how the hackers are weaponising data to commit online financial thefts. He further forewarned the Jindalites against online interactions with strangers and platforms and apps like Instagram, and Discord. He also shared tricks to find out if URLs were spam or if one’s email was hacked. The session was engaging and made the attendees realise the importance of practicing balance between digital diet and mental health and differentiating between real and fake virtual domains. He encouraged the students to pursue ‘ethical hacking’ as an upcoming career.

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