Session with Principal

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On 24th December, Principal Ms Mehrotra conducted a session with teachers on School Pedagogical Plan wherein through a process of crowdsourcing and based on the teachers ratings of the descriptors, five actionables under the six descriptors were identified which the staff collectively agreed to include in the three months (Jan – Mar) School Pedagogical Plan. The smart goals on these actionables will be spearheaded by designated teamleaders on the reopening of the school on 7 January 2022 and will be implemented with immediate effect to be reviewed by the end of the academic year 2021-22. 

She also shared the highlights of the students feedback; both on teachers strengths and areas for improvement, which had been collected over a long and detailed series of meetings with a random sample of students from grades VIII-XII. The session ended with food for thought for all and a promise to begin the new year with renewed dedication and zeal.

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