Sessions on June 26 by DOAC, SSC and COS

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A Session on the Role of Class Teachers & Co-class Teachers

On 26 June, an orientation session on the Role of Class Teachers & Co-class Teachers while conducting weekly Mentor Meetings was conducted by Ms Bhagwanti Gupta, DOAC and Ms Sunita Verma(SSC) for the teaching faculty. An interesting warm-up activity based on the Campus affairs set the ball rolling for the later proceedings. Thereafter, the discussion on the topic commenced emphasising the role of Class Teachers & Co-class Teachers as mentors to their class students, modus operandi for the conduct of weekly mentor meetings and monthly PTMs followed by the feedback process.

A Session on Guidelines for Sports

 On 26 June, an orientation session on Guidelines for Sports was conducted by Mr Sanjay Sangwan, COS, for the teaching faculty. He apprised the staff members about schedule and guidelines for conducting online sports classes for the students in the second phase of the Learning Programme.

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