The Book Fair

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A Book Fair is something that all the young, creative, enthusiastic, and visionary students long for, as it offers intellectual food for evolving minds. VDJS organised a book fair in the school library for 23rd and 24th September, displaying a plethora of books from two renowned publishers—Scholastic and Scholar India.

Principal, Ms Shalini Mehrotra and Administrator, Mr Nikhil Rudra accompanied by Class VII students inaugurated the fair. What followed was the transformation of the LRC into an ocean of knowledge flooded with motivated children lining up one after the other to buy books and immerse themselves in reading. The students were given an opportunity to explore a wide treasure trove of an exciting selection of books ranging from junior fiction, mystery, graphics, mythology, romance, and thriller and writers’ bestselling books to their underrated gems. The excitement of the students could be seen on their inquisitive faces while going through the books, reading their summaries, and deciding which one to take and which one not to. Different classes visited the library in the time slots allotted to them, and each girl left the library with a sense of exhilaration on her face. As stated by George R.R. Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” and the young Jindalites are ready to experience many more in the future also.


This was all a new experience for me because I never had a chance to go to a book fair at home. The fair had a lot of interesting books, we could choose from activity books and horror stories too which are personally my favourite.

Gunjan- Class IV

The book fair this year had a whole new collection of books. The hardback books were the best and I had fun exploring the vast variety. The most appealing part of the fair was that it had books from both Indian and foreign authors. Let’s have another one soon.

Parkhi Agarwal- Class XI

The Book Fair this year was great. Earlier, a major section of the books used to be the books written by Indian authors, but this time, many books of popular English authors were also present, such as Colleen Hoover, which made this Book Fair even more fascinating!”

 Supriya Mandke- Class XII

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