VDJS’ Round Square Venture with Government Senior Secondary School, Mayar

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VDJS spearheaded a Social Service Project in collaboration with the Government Senior Secondary School, Mayar, under the guidelines of Round Square to assist each other in the holistic development of students that is grounded in the values of teamwork, compassion, empathy, and community service.  The first round of talks with the Principal of the Government School, Mrs Shalini Sandhu by the DOAC, Ms Kamalika Bhoumik, RS Rep, Ms Anindita Sinha, and Ms Suman Arora was held on 19th February, wherein the areas Jindalites could contribute in the betterment of the Government School and types of competitions-debate, declamation, Volleyball, Football, and Basketball matches- that could be organised for both the schools, were looked into and discussed in depth.   

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