Visit to Om Shanti Retreat Centre

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The I/Cs Ms. Suman Arora, Ms. Anindita Sinha, Ms. Bosky Soperna, and Ms. Indu Sharma accompanied 49students of Class VIII to a three-day Value Education Programme ‘Pragati’ from 29th – 31st March at Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram (Haryana). BK Sisters imparted life lessons to the young minds to effect attitudinal changes in their behaviour. Comprehensively and creatively, the practices and values as appreciating differences, self-time, self-control, the importance of meditation in a student’s life, and relationship with the Supreme soul were discussed and delved into with the help of experiential activities like Rajyoga meditation, dance, cleaning of the utensils they used. The ambience, flora, and fauna of the place and the dancing peacocks at the retreat entranced the girls and made their visit profound and transcendent.

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