Workshop on Effective Communication

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Intending to constantly reinvent to remain relevant and be in perfect harmony with the need of learners, the school organizes ongoing enrichment sessions for the facilitators. In this progression, a session on ‘Effective Communication’ was organized for the staff on Saturday; November 02, 2019 by Gyan Rashmi Training. The resource persons, Ms Raka Kaul- a soft skill trainer and assessor, empanelled with Quality Council of India and Ms Nalini Asthana- a professional educationist serving in a wide array of employment spectrum piloted the session. The session sailed the facilitators through the varied purview of communication. The vital skills of effective communication like body language, active listening, conflict resolution, authenticity, emotional intelligence, articulation and tone of voice, mirroring and ask greatquestions, were discussed and enacted by the facilitators in groups. Thereafter, the groups reflected and deciphered the skills encoded. The facilitators dynamically engaged themselves in all prompts to translate the hidden message, which led to enriching each one present. The session concluded with a short interaction with the Team Leaders. This highlighted the communication challenges of a team leader. The session equipped the attendees to overcome the same with the power of effective communication and bring a dynamic change in human relations. By and large, the one-day workshop was found to be a practical model for an initial attempt to raise awareness. Further work is needed to organize more intensive workshops on specific issues related to communication

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