Workshops Conducted for Teachers Training on Art Integration in Education, SQAA, Adolescence Education and Classroom Management

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Session on Art Integration in Education – 7 January 2020

A session on Art Integration was conducted on 7 January 2020 in the LRC. It was a revision of the content which was discussed in the previous training session which was held in the month of July 2019.

The session was conducted by Ms. Bhagwanti Gupta , DOAC , where the entire academic faculty was briefed about integration of Art in the daily teaching content through Drama, Dance , Music, Storytelling , Art and Craft . Further few best practices were presented to the staff which showed art integration.

The teachers were then asked to present art integration in their lesson , department wise. Each department presented their lesson by choosing a teacher representative from their department. It was an enriching session where there was immense learning through sharing of ideas.

 Session on SQAA – 8 January 2020

The session on SQAA, School Quality Assessment & Assurance , was conducted on 8 January 2020 in the LRC by the Dean Of Academics, Ms. Bhagwanti Gupta. It was based on the tools and techniques planned by CBSE for Quality Assessment in and of schools . The eight domains were elaborated like-

Scholastic , Co scholastic , Infrastructure , Human Resources , Inclusive Practices , Management and Governance , Leadership and Beneficiary Satisfaction. The mission and vision were also shared with the teachers with a strong message that they are important stakeholders in this process of SQAA.

The teachers were asked to read the entire document carefully for reference and implementation.

Session on Adolescence Education – 9 January  2020

The session on Adolescence education was conducted on 9 January 2020 by Ms. Bhagwanti Gupta in the LRC. Being a highly important topic which was least attended by teachers in school , CBSE started with the training session on the same. The session was extremely interactive where teachers were given situations related to Adolescent issues which they had to present in gro

ups and also suggest a remedy to the problem stated. The enactment by the teachers was commendable. Further details about changes and the challenges  in adolescence was shared through PPTS. It  was a very lively session as teach

ers also shared their personal experiences. The need of sex orientation, nutrition and personal hygiene was also discussed for implementation.

Session on Classroom Management – 10 January 2020

 The session on Class room Management was conducted by the Dean Of Academics , Ms. Bhagwanti Gupta on 10 January 2020 in the LRC. It started with discussion and presentation of ideas based on the different challenging classroom situations. Teachers were assigned different difficult classroom situations for which they had to present their remedy . Other teachers were also allowed to contribute their ideas. For example, The teacher enters the class and finds few students involved in braiding the other student’s hair. What would the teacher do ? It was an enriching discussion which brought out several techniques of classroom management.



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