Name: Ms Paramjeet Kaur Gill
Designation: Housemistress -Sarojini House

Ms Paramjeet Kaur Gill is a Bachelor of Education and Master in Hindi Literature. She joined VDJS in the Year 2019 with 30 years of experience in teaching at Boarding schools as well as day schools across India. Teaching, mentoring and nurturing young minds is her passion. She has had a long and rewarding stint in the sphere of pastoral care and enjoys facilitating a safe, inclusive and comfortable environment for her students.

Ms Gill enjoys Hindi drama and literature and has also staged various Hindi school plays and put together many school Hindi Literary magazines during her career. She loves adventure activities like trekking and is always looking forward to impacting many more impressionable young lives through her work here in VDJS.

Name : Ms Padmalaya Rathi
Designation: House Mistress -Kasturba House

Ms Padmalaya Rathi is a graduate from Delhi University and she has completed a few software engineering courses. She looked after her family business for 18 long years and in March 2020 she joined VDJS following her passion for working with children. She has also worked on the High-scope Curriculum of the USA, before joining VDJS. Having an ability to calmly connect with children, she understands their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. As a motherly figure, she handles teenage girls effortlessly. She is an avid reader and her interest also lies in arts. She aspires to help each child under her care to actualise her potential.

Name: Ms Mini Rani Singh
Designation: Dorm Parent

A Master in Geography and a Bachelor in Education, Ms Mini Rani Singh is a dedicated and admired member of the Pastoral Care Team. With an experience of 15 years with us she has been the much required support for the healthy and safe stay of our students. Apart from ensuring the discipline and decorum in the Boarding house, she is also very meticulous in all her regular office and record keeping assignments. Her hobbies include music, reading and travelling. Her vision is to motivate, inspire and nurture students so that they become good human beings and successful individuals.

Name: Ms Nitika Singh
Designation: Dorm Parent

Ms Nitika Singh holds a Diploma in Garment Technology and another in Textile Designing. She has been working with VDJS for over 15 years as a Dorm Parent. She is popular among children as a pillar of constant support for the students under her care. Her hobbies include playing badminton, baking, embroidery and travelling. She likes to evolve as per the needs of the time and is passionate about understanding the issues faced by girls so as to reach out to them when they require her the most. To make the Boarding house experience a memorable one for the girls is her ultimate aim.

Name: Radhika Rana
Designation : Dorm Parent

Ms Radhika Rana has been working with VDJS for the last twelve years. She loves to spend time with students and her main objective is to make sure that every child is happy, comfortable and healthy under her care in the Boarding house. She believes that apart from attaining academic excellence, students must imbibe moral values too. Whenever she gets an opportunity, she loves contributing her bit to social service.

Name: Ms Sudesh Kumari
Designation- Dorm Parent

With a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications, Ms Sudesh Kumari has been serving the school as a Dorm Parent for the last four years. She is proficient in MS Office, Internet, C, C++, DBMS, HTML, Net, CorelDraw, Photoshop and online routine work. As a dorm parent she directs all her efforts for ensuring that the students’ stay in the Boarding house is comfortable and conducive for their all-round growth. She loves learning about new computer software and playing basketball in her free time.

Name: Priyongu Borborah
Designation : Dorm Parent

Ms Priyongu is a graduate from Dibrugarh University. She has also done a certified course of Montessori training and has a diploma in Computer Application. With five years of experience in the field of pastoral care, she joined VDJS in 2018. A bundle of tireless energy she puts her heart and soul to the task of nurturing the young girls under her care. Herself a woman of strong principles she also mentors the girls to strive for excellence and stand by what is right. Ms Priyongu enjoys listening to music and going for long walks. Her desire is to see each girl evolve into a fine lady.


Name: Ms Suman Singh
Designation: Dorm Parent

Ms Suman Singh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Sociology. A trained Montessori teacher, Ms Singh joined VDJS in the Year 2019 with over 14 years of teaching experience. She enjoys teaching and caring for students. Her vision is to create a healthy and ‘at home’ feel for every student under her care in the boarding House at VDJS. She believes that an environment that is conducive to learning is of paramount importance for the proper growth and development of a child. She desires to see children grow and excel in their chosen fields.

Name : Ms Kirti Chaubey
Designation: Dorm Parent

Ms Kirti Dubey’s qualifications include double M.A. and B.Ed. She joined VDJS in January 2020 as a Dorm Parent with 16 years of experience. Being a house parent, she is skilful in maintaining a homely environment for the children in the Boarding house. She coordinates daily domestic operations of the house and ensures that needs of both the children and their parents are addressed timely. Her interest primarily lies in reading books and yoga practices. She believes in creating an environment that prepares children not only for making a living but to live a healthy and a disciplined life.

Name: Ms Usha Rani
Designation: Dorm Parent

A Post Graduate in Commerce, Ms Usha Rani has been serving VDJS as a dorm parent of Savitri house since November 2019. She is a hardworking and dedicated member of the pastoral team. She believes that punctuality and sincerity are the two hallmarks of a successful person, hence strives hard to develop both in all the students under her care. She leaves no stone unturned to ensure the safety and holistic growth of the students along with the maintenance of high standard for communal living. Her hobbies are sports, listening to music and cooking. A positive attitude towards her colleagues and students, is where Ms Usha’s strength actually lies. She derives immense joy to see the girls grow into well rounded individuals.