(Teacher I/C - Mr Chandra Mohan)

Pipe band is a musical ensemble consisting of pipers and drummers. The most common form of pipe band consists of a section of piper playing the great highland bagpipe, a section of snare drummer (often referred to as side drummers), several tenor drummers and usually one, though occasionally one bass drummer.

The Vidya Devi Jindal School offers Pipe band to improve leadership quality in students and to give them an opportunity to represent school at national level competitions and Republic Day parade at Rajpath.

VDJS band consist of students from class VII to class XI. . The band leader with the most experience leads the band. Bag pipe, side drum, cymbals, and tenor drum are a few instruments comprising the band. Girls in the School Band get to learn several tunes which are played by the band girls at various occasions and events. The variety of tunes ranges from stirring songs like Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja, Sare Jahan se achcha, etc.

The selected girls undergo meticulous practice sessions for months before performing for the inter-school, IPSC or national competitions. They also give Guard of Honours to dignitaries at all school functions.

Training Program

  1. Introduction of instruments.
  2. Self -Discipline
  3. Breathing and flexion movement of finger (for pipers)
  4. Increase wrist flexibility and hand strength (for drummers)
  5. Strengthen exercises
  6. Marching drills
  7. Marching tunes
  8. Body mind coordination
  9. Identification of music notes

Practice of pipe band

  1. Giving basic information about music tunes with stepping
  2. Marching drills without any instruments
  3. Band display with instruments
  4. Practice of new tunes


  • All India IPSC Band Competition
  • District level, state level, zonal level, and national level competition
  • Participate in the Republic Day parade at Raj path (New Delhi)