Football participation offers children experiences to develop confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, physical development and in some cases the opportunity to participate in elite level competition at different level. The VDJS football game provides an opportunity to create a relevant, coherent, and engaging environment for all players.

The purposes of the VDJS Football Curriculum are:
1. Establish an entitlement for every child entering the program irrespective of differences in her ability for the game.
2. Establishes standards at each stage of development so progress of players can be monitored, goals and improvement targets can be established, and players can be selected for the appropriate development groups.
3. Promotes continuity and coherence in the transition of players between teams and phases of skill development.

The focus of the VDJS Player Development Curriculum is the need of individual players (child) – first and foremost. The education environment is constructed to focus on the player’s, abilities, interests, and learning styles and the coach performs as the facilitator. At each stage of development, the player should actively participate in creating learning experiences. Individual performance outcomes should largely direct coaching content and activities.

A ‘Child-Centred Coach’ uses a variety of techniques to engage the players in thought and discussion. One technique used consistently is questioning. Questions give children an opportunity to solve a problem and typically players try hard to solve it. Solutions generated to address the issues are theirs and subsequently players take greater ownership than if they were told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Solving problems through questioning enables players to explore, discover, create, and generally experiment with a variety of techniques and tactical processes.


VDJS football team have students in different age groups starting from Grade IV up to Grade XII. The students as per their skill sets participate and represent their House or School at various competitions:

1) Inter-House competitions

2) Inter- School competitions

3) IPSC tournaments

4) SGFI participation.