Social Studies Department

Name: Dr. Kishore Kumar Jha
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Political Science and Legal Studies
Additional Responsibility: I/C MUN Hobby Club.

Mr Jha has a Master’s degree in Political Science from Patna University and Doctorate in Political Science from BHU. With 25years of teaching experience, he has been serving VDJS since May 2013. An authority on politics, economy, and culture he loves to engage with students over various intellectual topics to widen the ambit of their knowledge.

As a strong advocate of innovative pedagogy, he brings a wide range of teaching strategies to his classroom instruction. It is his earnest effort to foster democratic and social values amongst the youth through teaching. A gifted singer he often enthrals colleagues and students with his melodious voice.

Name: Dr Santosh Kr. Mishra
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Geography and Sociology
Additional Responsibility: Audio Visual and Green School Programme In-charge

Dr Santosh Mishra is a double MA in Geography and Economics. He has also completed B.Ed and is a Ph.d in Social Sciences. With a total of 17 years of teaching experience he has been with VDJS since 2014. Dr Mishra has published Research papers on ‘Latest Technology in Space Mapping’ in the Journal INCA in collaboration with ISRO. He is the proud recipient of a National Level Award in Youth Parliament. A man with varied interests he enjoys photography, movie making, debating and writing on current topics of society and polity. A strong advocate of training students in Life skills he is convinced about the role these play in helping students imbibe the true spirit of education.

Name: Raza Qasim
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: History
Additional Responsibility: HOD- Social Science, MUN (Junior Wing), Coordinator INTACH

Mr. Raza has an enviable academic career, having secured Gold Medals and National Merit Scholarship for topping the university at B.A. Honours, Master’s Degree and M.Phil. level. He also holds U.G.C. National Eligibility Test (NET) certificate and B.Ed. Degree. He is a professional educator with diverse experience and strong track record fostering child – centred curriculum and student creativity. He strives to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of learners. ’Nation first’ is his mantra for his students. A movie buff, he tries to add popular dialogues and advertising jingles to his lessons to entertain learners during classes. Apart from academics, his pursuits include visiting historical sites, spending time with kids in orphanages and participating in social awareness initiatives.

Name: Abhijit Mukhopadhyay
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: History and Social Studies
Additional Responsibility: HOD - Humanities

A Post Graduate Teacher of History, he is an M.A. in Modern History from the prestigious Presidency College, Kolkata and B.Ed. He has been teaching History for the last 18 years in premiere Residential Schools of the country. A passionate facilitator of History and Social Sciences, he promotes an environment of erudite discussions and debates. He  has been instrumental in organising TED- Ed Club at VDJS. It is his firm belief that for a comprehensive assimilation of the subject the students should understand the interrelation of incidents in History and relate them to the present experience.

Name: Ms Gunjan Kaushik
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Psychology
Additional Responsibility :HM-Kasturba House

Ms. Gunjan Kaushik holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and B.Ed. She has an experience of over 14 years and has been enthusiastically working in VDJS since April 2018. She is a passionate facilitator of Psychology who displays openness to discussion and debate when it comes to human behaviour and their problems. She has the skill to understand the weaknesses and strengths of her students. Her interest lies in playing badminton, chess, basketball and playing sitar. She has won many accolades in NCC including a gold medal in Best Cadet Category as Senior Cadet Under Officer during her graduation. As a facilitator, she believes that her work can only be justified if her students are able to remember her for her contribution in shaping their lives.

Name: Mr Vinayak Mohan
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Social Science
Additional Responsibility: I/C School Quiz Club

Mr. Vinayak Mohan is a passionate Social Science teacher with a Master’s degree in Ecology specialising in Bio-Geography and a B. Ed degree.

He has 21 years of teaching experience with 11 years in VDJS. He has the skill to understand the strength of his students. He believes in exploring various tools to cater to different types of learners and has an inter-disciplinary approach to strengthen the base of his students. He takes keen interest in preparing the school teams for Geo-fest, MUNs, debates and quizzes. His hobbies and interests include sports, reading, blogging, cooking, and driving.

Name: Shriya Bhalla
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Social Science and English
Additional Responsibility: MSC-Middle School Coordinator(XCEED)

Ms. Shriya Bhalla holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and B.Ed. She has an experience of over 6 years and has been associated with VDJS since July 2019. She is a willing worker who has contributed meaningfully in various areas of school life like grooming girls in public speaking and contributing in publications. Ever ready to explore uncharted territory she was a member of the Cycling Expedition Team from Hisar to Jaipur. She has won many accolades in NCC including a gold medal in Best Cadet category from DDG, during her graduation and was applauded for her professional attitude as an escort teacher in the Rohtak NCC Camp. She believes in honest self-expression through writing poetry and motivational blog. Her mantra for life is ‘You become what you believe’.

Name: Ms Aishwarya Bharadwaj
Designation: Social Science Teacher
Subject Taught: Social Science
Additional Responsibility: Member of IAYP

Ms Aishwarya Bharadwaj is an alumna of The Scindia School, Fort, Gwalior. She has a Masters in Geography and has Qualified UGC NET-2019 in Geography. Her vast repertoire of knowledge coupled with simplicity and infinite patience makes her a much-loved presence in the class. She firmly believes that education must find practical application in life. An ardent nature lover she wishes to infuse the same passion in her students and would love to see them as responsible custodians of the planet. Her hobbies include drawing, yoga, travelling, adventure activities, and collecting coins.

Name: Indu Sharma
Designation: Primary Teacher
Subject Taught: Social Science
Additional Responsibility: Member of INTACH

Ms Indu Sharma is a meticulous and industrious professional with BA Hon’s(Geography), Post Graduate in Mass Communication, B.Ed & CTET. She has nearly 12 years of rich experience of teaching Social Science and has been teaching Geography at VDJS since 2015. She is deeply committed to providing students with the necessary tools to achieve academic goals, instilling love of learning and co-operative teamwork. She is also an active member of junior wing of the MUN Club. She is adept at managing students and maximising learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings in alignment with her personal and institutional goals. Her hobbies include listening to music, gardening, and cooking.

Name: Mohammed Shamim
Designation: PGT
Subject Taught: Political Science & Legal Studies
Additional Responsibility:

Mr. Mohammed Shamim is a post-graduate teacher of Political Science & Legal Studies with B. Ed and has an experience of 22 years in the field of Teaching Political Science at the Senior Secondary level and Social Science at the Secondary level.

He believes in teaching the subject with integrating the present political and social development of India and abroad. His experience of teaching makes the students to create interest in the academics which helps them to opt for a better career.


He has experience of boarding schools and its culture.  He has worked as Assistant Examiner in his previous school. He can train students for MUN and debates.